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  We recommend this program to anyone are looking for a quick and easy way to create attractive, customized screensavers.
- Download.com / CNET Editors

The best screensaver builder
- PhotographyBlog.com

If you want something done right....Do it Yourself with 2Flyer
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2Flyer is one of the best programs I've seen, it impressed me!
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Reviews from our warmhearted customers

  • - Gary W. Sherwin, email
    All I can say is WOW! This is a wonderful program. Very well written and implemented. Very easy to use. I used it to put together a Screensaver for the members of The American Violet Society. our tool is exactly what we have been looking for. With it, we are able to build custom photo montages with appropriate background music. Thanks a ton!
  • - Cherie Yamnitz, email
    I was so excited to find your screensaver! It is user friendly and easy! I have been looking for one to display my child since my Zing Viewer went down. Thank you so much. I will pass it on. Thanks!
  • - Benedict Spinoza, ZDNet
    This is an incredibly easy to use program. Within 10 minutes of first opening it, I had myself a fairly elaborate screensaver completed. Shove in some photos, shove in some music, pick a few transition effects, and click "build". It just can't be any easier. Get this. You'll love it. 
  • - Tian Olivier, email
    Great product - works very nice, cool to add my own holiday pictures as a screen saver and to give to colleagues (especially pictures of the island of Mauritius). 
  • - Max, email
    I've been looking for a program like this for five years. Not only is it better than many similar programs, but it has a remarkably simple interface.
  • - Franz Schmitt, email
    Thank you from the bottom of my 56 year old heart for writing and distributing such a professional program as 2Flyer ScreenSaver. I have had SO MUCH enjoyment this past week building ScreenSaver after ScreenSaver from my old JPG's and converted BMP's. it will remain ALWAYS as one of my very favorite programs.
  • - BassHog, CNet
    I have used other programs for making screen savers. This one is by far the easiest to use. I really like the fact that you can designate an entire folder for you pix instead of selecting one at a time. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to make personalized screen savers.
  • - Daniel Packard, ZDNet
    I have looked for a program to make screensavers for a long time and downloaded this file last week, and can not stop using it. 
  • - Rex Ellison, email
    It's so EASY to use...and rich in features. By the way...I'm not recommending it to ANYONE! This is one secret I wanna keep to myself! :o)
  • - Amous, CNet
    I have a lot of pictures from my digital camera. This is the best screen saver builder for my pictures. Thanks. A+. 
  • - Jennifer Burns, email
    Greetings! I just found your software the other day and am very impressed with how wonderful it is. I have a home-based web design business and have been searching for a program just like this one so I can make screensavers for my clients to offer as downloads.  I really put it to work yesterday and am very pleased with its performance.
  • - Twofaces1j, CNet
    I love it, I can't wait to get really started with it i'm looking forward to some fun!
  • - Jim Greer, email
    I've never built a screensaver before now and the first one that I put together with your program was a success. It was as easy as 123... I love it.....I will recommend it to all my friends...Thank you.....
  • - June, email
    I just tried you screen saver builder and I am impressed beyond words. I have never had so much fun and it is so easy to use. I am certainly going to enjoy making screen savers and enjoying them. Thank you for coming up with something so great that will be fun and easy to use for everyone. ......
  • - Bigdaddy, CNet
    Very easy to use and creates exe file to send to family and friends, Fantastic!
  • - RubbaCaP, email
    Just wanted to tell u that this is awesome!! The best I've tried and its soooo easy!! 
  • - Silvia, email
    I wanted to give you my congratulations for your great program "2Flyer Screensaver Builder", it is a very easy program and very attractive too. Thanks for everything.
  • - ken Jarvis, email
    Thank you for making this screensaver available to us. It's GREAT!!!!!!!
  • - Stu, email
    I have to say it the neatest one i 've seem in a long time. My wife loves it on her machine thanks Keep up the Great work.
  • - John O, email
    It is very easy to use and I especially like all the possible effects that are available with your creation program.
  • - Dan Morris, email
    I just downloaded flyersaver and have already created my first screensaver for my wife's computer. This program is just what I've been looking for. Congratulations on a fine job!
  • - Dirk Paessler, email
    I am really impressed! Your product looks very professionally and is technically superb. Congratulations!
  • - Rami, email
    I must thank you all for this beautiful and easy-to-use program. It's very delighting to see such a product and to work with it.
  • - Robert P Brockman, email
    Many thanks for 2Flyer Screensaver Builder. It is easily the most enjoyable screensaver I have.
  • - Richard, email
    What a great program! I came home from work needing to make company related screen savers and was just looking to find out how to make them when I ran across your program.
  • - George, email
    First let me start of with all that praise ;) ! Your Screensaver is just fantastic, fabulous, etc, etc,!!!! Well, honestly, its a great program. You know how it is? Everyone writes all those fantastic things before coming up with a request, and I would never like to be an exception :p
  • - Terry Briggs, email
    Just had to write and say thanks for a great program! It's just what I have been searching for to make my own screensavers. Absolutely the best on the net! 
  • - LEO, CNET
    "This really impressive and helpful." it is impressive in the sense that it gives us a very good feelings. and helpful in the sense that it ease our loneliness in short, it lessen our tensions!
  • - Download.com Editor
    Face it--your fish screensaver is so stale. 2Flyer Screensaver Builder Pro grabs any number of images or movies to effortlessly create great slide shows for your PC. Well-organized and easy to use, the program walks you through the creative process, starting with choosing images, music, and effects. With the Pro version, the options are endless: you can use either digital pictures, video, live Web pages, or even Flash animations for screensavers.
  • - Softpedia Editor
    2Flyer makes it incredibly easy for you to create your own screensavers. The GUI is intuitive, its simple design makes it easy to use.

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