2Flyer Screensaver Builder
What's New in 2Flyer Screensaver Builder


Version 8.7

  • Improve Image Saver customized options dialog

  • Improve the installation package for created screensaver

  • Improve screensavers with rich Internet features

  • Improve options dialog for created screensavers

Version 8.5

  • Add full support to Windows 7

  • Add full support to Windows 64 System (Vista & Win7)

  • Created screensavers support Guess Account of Windows (32 & 64 bit)

  • Improve RSS screensaver display

  • Add AutoScroll option for Web Saver

Version 8.4

  • Update Flash Screensaver

  • Update RSS module

  • Update screensaver icons (program and resource for created screensaver)

Version 8.3

  • Add web images support to Image Saver, can display daily updated pictures in screensaver now

  • Add shortcuts to control the screensaver: F1, Page Up, Page Down, Pause and more

  • Update Help documents

Version 8.2

  • Update .exe screensaver compiler engine

  • Update 2Flyer installation file

  • Add option for Set As Default Screensaver.

Version 8.1

  • Improve RSS Screensaver (1) Add OPML RSS feeds import/export feature; (2) Add RSS reading shortcuts in screensaver, includes Pause, Next/Previous Blog, Next/Previous RSS, Random feed for casual reading with Keyboard or Mouse.

Version 8.0 

  • Add support to RSS screensaver, including all major feed formats, RSS, Atom and RDF.

  • New template for created screensaver

  • New transition effects engine for Image Screensaver

  • Improve Flash Screensaver, Video Screensaver and Web Screensaver

  • Add support to Windows Vista 64-bit

  • The latest version doesn't support Windows 95 any more

Version 7.9

  • Add support to YouTube Video screensaver, Google Video screensaver (Make from VideoSaver: Add MediaPlayer Channels...)

  • Add support to the latest version of QuickTime

  • New transition effects for Image Save; Updated Web Saver

  • IE7 Web Saver

  • Add 15 Cross Wiping transition effects

Version 7.8

  • Add 8 fashion transition effects:  Circular Shred, Diamond Shred, Rectangular Shred, Pixelae, Triangle, Rotate Rectangle, Spiral Rectangle, Rotate Star and Zigzag Horizontal/Vertical.

Version 7.7

  • Add support to Windows Vista

  • Improve Web Saver edition

Version 7.6

  • Add 15 great transition effects 

Version 7.5

  • New special feature: You can use Internet radio as the endless background music in the screensavers now (supports all mms, rtsp and http protocols)

  • Improve Web Saver: trim the Web resource to right format automatically, more easy to control

Version 7.4

  • More transition effects for Image Screensaver

  • Add individual image display time, transition effects and caption customization form.

  • Improve background music program

  • Improve the created saver settings

Version 7.2

  • Improve screensaver projects management

  • Improve the transition effects of Image Saver

  • Add icon files for created screensavers

Version 7.1.

  • Add Slide Show (.EXE) format  for Images, Flash, Video and Web Pages

  • Improve the compatibility of Video Saver, hide ms animation log at start

  • Fix a mini bug in created Flash Saver

Version 7.0

  • A new .SCR file format for created saver

  • Improve Image Saver, support 1000 images in screensaver now

  • Improve Web Saver for online resource and local pages  as screensaver

  • Improve Created Saver settings

  • Add icon resource for created saver

  • Fix music play pause matter

Version 6.3.5

  • Improve Image Saver: add support to various new types of image, include: TIF/TIFF; PNG; PSD, PDD; PSP, PDD; RLA, RPF; PPM, PBM, PGM; PCX, PCC; TGA, VST, ICB, VDA; CEL, PIC; SGI...

  • Improve Web Saver properties

  • Improve Created Screensaver properties

Version 6.2

  • Improve Web Saver: show cached contents or a blank page automatically instead of loading an error web site when the computer is offline.

  • Add support to the latest version of Apple - QuickTime media screensaver

  • Support huge screensaver up to 10G bytes now

  • Improve codes for "Mouse Move" screensaver exit condition

Version 6.1

  • A new help document

  • Image Saver: (1) Allow users to turn image captions ON in created saver if there are preassigned captions;            (2) Improve the image transition effects

  • Web Saver: Add option for opening the latest web page for continued browsing when screensaver exits

  • Professional Version: Add "reset" button for screensaver icon option

  • Commercial Version: Fix a bug in trial-day setting function; correct a misspelled word

Major Upgrades in Version 6.0

  • Add support for  Multiple Monitors - display images or other media files on all available monitors together, highly enjoyable!

  • Image Saver: Add  25 new transition effects for Image Saver

  • Flash Saver: Add support to  Flash MX, external flash script or other resource files for flash clips

  • Video Saver: Add support to QuickTime media files, online movie channels

  • Web Saver: Add support to local pages as Web URL, supports more page formats as  web savers

  • Add Intelligent Random option for all media play sequence

  • New Commercial version: Create unlockable "Try & Buy" screen savers; Commercial Internet Banner; user agreement license for installation, etc.

Version 5.2

  • Add 8 new transition effects for Slide category

  • Improve music player embedded in the program

  • Fix mini bug in transition effects setting

Version 5.1

  • Add support for customizing image caption and transition effects individually

  • Improve configure window of created saver

  • Fix several mini bug

Version 5.0

  • Improve screensaver efficiency in win2000/xp

  • Add optimization mode for image size in image saver

  • Add splash screen image option for image saver

  • Improve shuffle mode procedure in image saver

  • Improve MediaPlayer options in video screensaver

Version 4.9

  • Web Saver: Supports Java Applets or other types of web savers now (use option "Resource files for web saver")

  • Image Saver: Add Image Transparent Color Setting

  • Created Image Saver: can rename image files with same filename in image list automatically

  • Update screensaver project management

  • Fix bug in wallpaper function for active desktop setting of windows

Version 4.8

  • Improve Web Saver, add setting for max download time of web pages

  • Improve some transition effects of Image Saver

  • Fix background image error  for created image saver

  • Fix a mini bug in transition effect speed

Version 4.7

  • Add image captions setting window

  • Add desktop wallpaper setting menus

  • Add several background pictures

Version 4.6

  • Allow play background mp3 music with Microsoft MediaPlayer

  • Add screensaver exit condition: "Esc" Key only

  • Fix compatible matter for standard version in win 95/NT

  • Fix mini bugs in unregistered version

Version 4.5

  • An enhanced Flash Saver Builder

  • A new setting window for created screensaver

  • Add "background image" option for image saver

  • Add email address option for created screensaver

  • Add "Image File Encryption" feature for created saver

  • Support WMA music (Require MediaPlayer 7.0 or higher version)

  • Save all building options automatically

Version 4.0

  • Video saver supports GIF animation now

  • Web saver supports IE favorites folder

  • Adjust Flash saver Form

  • Add control for random image position

  • Add preset online channels for video saver

  • Ask if saving modifies before exit 2Flyer

  • playing music in loop mode by default

    For building screensaver:

  • Add save readme text button, save author information automatically

  • Add "Run screensaver now" option in created installation

  • Add "Doesn't create any shortcut" option for created installation

  • Add "Disable all user setting" option for created saver

  • Add music setting in created web saver

Version 3.5

  • Add "Select Screensaver Icon" for Created Saver"

  • Add Trial Version Setting for Created Saver

  • Add Full Version Setting for Created Saver

  • Add "Disable Setup Prompt" for Created Saver

  • Add Hide "Powered by 2Flyer " Text Option in Created Saver

  • Fix Screensaver Title too short in windows 2000/XP

Version 3.0

  • Add Play Images Folder function, can play all images in a folder

  • Add Set Screensaver Password menu

  • Add "Stretch - keep original ratio" setting  for image stretch option

  • Add Saver Exit Condition: Show Mouse Cursor and Ignore Mouse Events

  • Add Saver Exit Conditions setting in created saver

  • Fix image caption error in created saver

  • Play Flash files or online Flash resources in screensavers.

  • Play movie clips in screensavers, supports media formats: RM, RA, RMJ, RAM, RMM; MPG, MPEG, MPE, MOV; ASX, ASF, WMV, AVI, or online channels (Audio or WebTV).

  • Play web pages in screensavers, support offline mode, display interval setting and other 10 features.