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  "Zass4u" introduction:

Zass4u (the screen-saver for you) is a screen-saver viewer and builder. It consists of two parallel systems - the first being a screen-saver and the other a viewing/demo system. Where this system differs from probably all others screen-savers is that the programs are installed once and each screen-saver is held as a data file. The included screen-saver builder program endeavors to make the data files as small as possible. This will help to reduce distribution costs.

Images, text, and audio can be submitted and there is a number of frame presenting and exiting methods provided. Image processing and text formatting routines are provided and powerful third party audio encoding/decoding utilities are included. Use for photo album, travel log, port folio, product presentation, CD preview, info delivery, demos, basic tuition, and company plugs. Version 1.1.1 new sponsor info and program bug fix.

"Hard to Use"

Free and Downloads easy

Hard to use

Screen savers don't look grate

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