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  "ZMatrix" introduction:

ZMatrix is a desktop enhancement tool that creates the streaming character effect of 'The Matrix' on your desktop. The program will blend with an existing background or be drawn over the top of it. Also, the program does not impede normal desktop operations. The program now has multi-monitor support and a screensaver mode. Turn off Active Desktop before using this application.

CNet Review:

Fans of The Matrix may get a kick out of downloading this animated desktop background. ZMatrix displays a stream of characters pouring down your monitor. The program sits in your system tray awaiting a right click to access its configurations. You can adjust the numbers, speed, and refresh rate of matrix streams. You can also change the font, background, and foreground color. The program gives the same character-streaming effects seen in the movie. Best of all, it lets you configure it to have the smallest amount of CPU time, halting any possible reduction in your computer's speed. ZMatrix can run as a desktop background and as a screensaver. Fans of the movie and screensaver junkies will love this free program.

"Very Cool"

I love the Matrix code effect this thing brings. Allows you to have it simply run in front of your background, or include itself in the image (code changes colour over certain parts of the image - looks really cool). Lets you choose how many little lines of code show up at a time, and how fast they travel.

Sometimes draws over new desktop icons or follows the colours in a recently closed window.

For some reason, this program will not draw over my background image, and simply draws over a black screen. This is probably something to do with the fact that I use internet wallpaper, however.

"THANKS HAPPY DUDE!!! Awsome effects!!!"

At first I thought, well this has all good reviews so I won't bother. But I couldn't resist!!! This IS the one! I enjoy the Matrix series (have the set on DVD) and I've tried every simulation app and screen saver I could find at the time that even looked promising (and a cpl since). Some were OK, and some were even good. But none of them were great! Folks... this IS the one! This is as good as I think it gets without having a copy of the actual app/effect that was used in the movie... and I don't know that it would be any better!

"Beautiful program"

I love how it turns the wallpaper you have on the computer and turn it into the matrix. FREAKIN COOL.


"The Very Best I have ever seen!"

I really love the roll-over effect it has on solid object you have on your desktop background. (like a cross, or bird, etc.) It's really cool. Hat's off to the writers of this program. If your a matrix lover, then you will love this!

Nothing that I can see, or experienced using this.

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Note: The review & comment are referred from CNet


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