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  "ZD Soft Movie Screensaver" introduction:

ZD Soft Movie Screensaver shows your favorite movie clips when your computer is not in use. You can enjoy different screensavers everyday by simply setting different movie clips to show. You can use ZD Soft Movie Screensaver to enjoy: Exciting movie clips. Cool game videos. Popular music videos. Family digital videos. Eye-pleasing scenics.

CNet Review:

The screensaver helps you simulate zealous work on your computer. First, you need to record your screen activity using ZD Soft Screen Recorder (about 2MB for 1-minute recording). Unfortunately, the program can t play back usual video files. You can set ZD Soft Screen Saver to repeat the recording. The program doesn t offer many options. You can t set the playback speed or select several recordings. However, ZD Soft Screen Saver seemed us quite original to be worth downloading.

"Basic, Staight Forward, Easy to Use"

Free to try version installed and worked 1st try! Basic, straight forward, easy to use. View size, start-end, loop, and mute settings.

Might be limitation of this unregistered version, but can only choose one video at a time.

"this is horrible!! it doesn't even work!"

it SOUNDS cool

it doesn't work!!

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