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  "Your Own ScreenSaver" introduction:

Your Own ScreenSaver allows you to add your own pictures to create a very unique screensaver. Pictures will be displayed in slideshow format. Pictures can be from anywhere not just a single directory. Version 1.31 has pictures that are larger than your screen are now automatically resized to fit.


If you like deja vu, you'll love this program (see my comments below).

Once downloaded and installed, the only thing I got was a link to the YOSS web site, which just so happens to have yet another link to download exactly the same file again. Deja vu or what??? What a waste of time, and that's coming from someone with heaps of spare time on his hands. If I could've given it a 0 star rating I would've, coz from my point of view it doesn't deserve anything.

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Note: The review & comment are referred from CNet


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