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  "XnView DeLuxe" introduction:

XnView DeLuxe is image management and digital photo software that makes it easy to get, view, organize, share, optimize, Web publish, and print your photos. Share your photos by e-mail in one click. Create and publish your photo albums on the Web site wizard. Create your autonomous slide show to the AVI, PDF and FLASH formats, a contact sheet, screensavers, and archives. Save your graphics files to PDF format. View more than 360 file formats. XnView DeLuxe also supports animated GIF, multipage TIFF, and MPEG, AVI, and MP3 files.

New Features of XnView Deluxe 2.15 include a new engine enabling a very quick visualization of the thumbnail images, new user interface with wizards, quick photo retouch, categories Management.

"CNET has the wrong link to the owners site"

The correct link is xnview.com which provides screenshots and better details on exactly what this does. I wont try anything w/out a member's review, one with a "history" of reviews, lol.

CNET provides no info or contact to this owners site so I was afraid to download it. The link CNET provides took me to a search page which sent up several browser security warnings.

"Appears to be a rip-off of the REAL xnView!"


XnView will most likely satisfy even the most discriminating graphic designer, and digital imaging enthusiast. Whether you choose the freeware version, or the spectacular payware version, you will not be disappointed.

Alpha channel support; user customization options for PNG alpha channel (and other file formats, such as ICO, BMP, GIF, etc., which might contain 'transparent' areas). XnView does produce quality exported images with alpha channel, but the user may find that he or she must experiment more than expected to acheive the desired alpha channel result.

"It was exactly what I needed and more !!!"

everything !!!

Nothing to dislike !!!

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