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  "Xara3D" introduction:

Add impact to your Web pages with still and animated 3D headings, buttons, and logos. With Xara3D, you can create an endless variety of 3D graphics from TrueType fonts or imported 2D shapes, with simple controls to alter the extrude depth, lighting, bevel, color and texture, shadow, and font size and type. And there's a whole range of animation possibilities, including multi-page sequences and even animated 3D screensavers. Graphics are fully antialiased for the best possible on-screen quality and can be optimized for web use. Xara3D imports WMF/EMF and Xtreme files, and exports GIF, Flash, JPEG, PNG, AVI, or BMP.

Version 6.0 features redesigned interface. New design styles include boards, boards with holes, and borders, new Bevel types.

"Good Product"

It converts all of your fonts into high quality beveled 3D characters in the Xara 3D interface in real time. You can also animate the characters.

"Junk! Can't Install"

There's nothing that I like about it.

I tried installing it on Vista. The software gets to the end where it "configures" the installation. It just stays there forever. The "Cancel" button is useless. You have to end up using task manager to kill it. Getting support is pathetic. You can only get "Sales" support unless you purchase the product and are a customer. Why would I purchase a product that won't even install. Xara has gown WAY downhill since I had used it back in the days of version 2 and 3.

"i couldn't get it to work"

in theory it seems very good; i use the OpenOffice web page creator now for my web page and i would have liked to have extra web software

i'm probably not smart enough to use it



Its crap


Good Product

nothink because it good

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