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  "WorldSave" introduction:

This is a world geography screensaver. Take a spin around the world with this package of colorfully animated geography maps. It can be used for entertainment or education.

CNet Review:

In this screensaver, various countries tumble across a blank black screen until they find their place on an unseen map. WorldSave thus creates an animated jigsaw puzzle effect that's hypnotic despite the low-res graphics. The screensaver lets you choose what you want to see, including the countries United States, Canada, and Australia; the regions Western Europe, Central America, and Southeast Asia; and the continents Asia, Europe, North America, South America, and Africa. The other settings determine how fast the pieces should assemble and whether they should tumble. It doesn't come with a soundtrack. You cannot freeze the completed map to get a better look. With its simple but engaging presentation of global political geography, WorldSave serves students and newspaper readers well.

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