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  "Working Screensaver" introduction:

Want to sound like you are working hard and/or appear to be working? This screensaver from JADA Productions will do just that.

"Not up to scratch"

It works! Uninstaller provided!

Constantly repeats 5-7 seconds. Not very realistic in high resolutions, (over 1200 x 768 pixels) No options at all to customize look of desktop depicted, and how many of us working joes would really be working on a budget report??? (which is what is shown) That would be the bosses job and he or she would be safely tucked away in his or her office with nobody checking on them!

"not enough work for people to see, lazy"


Summary: your better off with a normal screensaver and there isn't any options to change the background, there isn't any options at all!

"very clever"

"great but only 5 seconds - repeating"

Summary: This could have been great if it was longer. It's just a screen saver that shows 5 seconds of typical work that repeats. 5 seconds? Come on guys - you could have at least shown a minute or two! As is, it's just not worth it.

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