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"Winter Waterfall ScreenSaver" introduction:

Plunge yourself into a world of rest and serenity as you watch the stream of icy water fall from the precipice, break into thousands of drops and form boiling foam and clouds of steam. The silence and tranquil beauty of the winter forest that hides this huge waterfall is broken only by the sound of water rushing amid the snow trees. The Winter Waterfall Screensaver has a built-in clock and will be a great adornment for your desktop.

CNet Review:

Sitting by the side of a rushing waterfall is a classic way to lose yourself in meditation. This screensaver may well inspire a similarly relaxed state, but you'll have to use your imagination to get there. The software depicts an icy waterfall as part of a stream rushing through a forest. The trees and foam are rendered authentically, but the waterfall's movement is awkward, and the stream itself looks motionless. We did like the sound of falling water, but the software doesn't offer many configuration options, allowing users only the ability to turn off the sound and set the image quality. The evaluation version mars the idyllic scene with a large registration reminder. With these caveats in mind, nature lovers may nevertheless want to give the download a try.

"OK,...just try it !!!"



I didn't like anything about and it is hard to remove

There is nothing to like about this. No movement,just sounf, and what the heck is BIG clock doing in a waterfall PIC

"not that great"

"I am really enjoying the scenes during the Christmas Season ."

It is very peaceful and colorful.


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