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  "Winter Train 3D Screensaver" introduction:

Winter Train 3D Screensaver is created specially for purposeful person. Our steam locomotive easy, coolly, but steadily goes to its purpose, not sheering even for a second. If there is a purpose ahead and already all mechanisms are started up you can move only forward. There are not obstacles that can stop you.

CNet Review:

Steam meets snow in an atmospheric screensaver especially appealing to lovers of trains and clocks. Watch from multiple angles as a throwback steam train chugs by pines on a snow-blanketed mountain pass. The vista overlooking a desolate valley is a treat, though there only appears to be one. A few more miles of varied scenery would improve the screensaver's visual interest. The locomotive is accompanied by either an analog or digital clock that you choose in the screensaver settings menu.

"nil uninstalled"

nil uninstalled

nill uninstalled

Summary: nil uninstalled

"took it off already"

nothing, nag screen, freezes xp

freezes computer


could have been pretty

was not a screensaver, but an advertizement for a screensaver

"I deleted it....it left an icon on my desktop"

Nothing it wasn't worth the download

I only opended two times and both times it wanted me to register, etc. I felt it was a scam and there are better screen savers out there that are free

Summary: Don't bother

"Poorly rendered, annoying nag screen"

Well done on the moving train parts

Rendering is blocky, no long distance views (all close-ups) Nag screen appears after a couple of minutes and obscures the center 30% of the display.

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Note: The review & comment are referred from CNet


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