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  "Window Coffee (Rain)" introduction:

This screensaver lets you experience a cloudy, rainy morning by the window where the only companion is coffee. Powered by real rain sound effects, this program features relaxing background music by Enya.

CNet Review:

This rather unique screensaver goes easy on the eyes, but some users may find its concept too repetitive. Window Coffee (Rain) may sound like a strange name for a screensaver, but once you launch the program, the moniker makes sense. You'll see a young woman with a cup of coffee gazing out the window, watching rain fall on an alpine lake. The graphics are all highly detailed, but realism is a mixed bag. For instance, the mountains, the clouds, and the movement of the water all ring true to life, but the rain effect and the appearance of the woman aren't as convincing. The program's feature set is not huge, but you can turn off the calming piano score or enable a random effect (though the latter feature didn't seem to make any difference we can tell). Window Coffee (Rain) probably won't appeal to all users, but since it is free, nature lovers and coffee junkies might at least give it a whirl.

"BEWARE!!! I read the editor's review, pub's site--yet infected with malware."

you're thinking you're going to get a cool relaxing screensaver


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