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  "Whacky Faces Screensaver" introduction:

This screensaver allows you to enjoy animated wacky faces bobbling around your desktop. They frown, they laugh, they grin, and keep bumping into each other. It sounds simple, but it's really funny. An uninstaller is included.

CNet Review:

This screensaver delivers what it promises, but some user-customization options might help make it less repetitive. Whacky Faces Screensaver puts a variety of bouncing yellow smiley faces on your screen against a blue background. Some smirk, some stick out their tongues, and others give you a rather menacing glare. The program's graphics are pleasant enough, but even when we left the Mute Sound box unchecked, we still heard nothing. Unfortunately, that's the only feature at your disposal, so many users may quickly get bored with this screensaver's same-old premise--even before the rather short one-week trial periond is up. In spite of our complaints, we could still see how kids might find Whacky Faces Screensaver amusing.

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