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  "WebFlash" introduction:

This Web screensaver makes it very easy to keep up to date with all your favorite Web sites: blogs, news, weather, stock prices, sports results, whatever takes your fancy. No longer will you have to remember to visit your favorite sites; WebFlash brings them to you, just like an online news screensaver and a blog viewer. Whenever the screensaver is activated, your favorite pages will pop up on your screen, with no action required on your part. Take a break to make coffee, answer the phone, or feed the cat, and you'll come back to see the current version of your favorite pages automatically updated.

CNet Review:

A few missing features render WebFlash merely good, not great. We appreciate the idea here, as well as quick access from the tray icon and the program's modest appetite for memory. However, we'd like the ability to delete multiple sites from our watch list simultaneously, and the lack of support for scrolling is an unfortunate omission for a program built around Web pages. It would also be nice to get updates during the screensaver session rather than on launch only. WebFlash will do the trick for Web users who only need short and sweet online updates.

"interesting ideea"

it works as advertised

only works with ie

"A good tool!"

It is a tool for what I had already looked for a long time!

"This is THE BEST idea that I've seen as far as internet viewers go!"

Easy to use, no learning curve, preview of web pages before adding them, and best of all... FREE!!!!!!!!

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"The most useful screen saver ever"

Summary: Very useful on your primary PC, this screensaver will display any web site(s) local, or on the internet. If you have an "extra" PC, this screensaver allows that PC to work for you even when you are not using it! A great way to keep up with those sit...

"A very useful tool to keep up-to-date"

Summary: I use it to watch radars i.e. Nation Weather Service & to have schedules come up for whats on TV. I seem to miss certain specials because I do not allways check the listings every night. This allows me to catch those programs I might miss. Just go t...

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