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  "Waterworld: Deep Sea Screensaver" introduction:

This is not just your average dime a dozen aquarium screensaver, but an impressive, randomly generated, 3D Waterworld, full of scary sharks, beautiful fish, waving plants and the occasional manta. Additionally, you can choose between 2 musical scores. One is relaxing and probably more suited for everyday use while the other one is more scary, blending in nicely with the rest of the setting; there are SHARKS after all. Every time you start the screensaver it is completely different, all the fish, plants, objects and camera paths are calculated every time, you never have to watch the same screensaver twice! helping them to keep those pretty sharks safe from big game hunters. Version 1.11 fixes bugs.

"This would not work once installed on my windows 98 machine"


Summary: Very good 3D

"Takes me back..."

Summary: Back to the old days of graphics. Screen saver is okay, but now with XP and the screen saver that comes with XP Plus, this can look better than what it does. But for 10USD, you get what you pay for.


"ehr.... WOW!!!!!!"

Summary: The screenshots looked promising, but I was _REALLY_ amazed when seeing it in live action. There is NO other fish screensaver that comes even close to this. The light effects and movements sure make it all realistic and spooky.

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