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  "Waterfall Screensaver" introduction:

This a screensaver of a live waterfall and lake. The water falls in the waterfall and streams into the lake. Various birds fly in the sky, pigeons fly from here and from there, and animals are reflected in the lake. The screensaver is based on a flash animation and you can control the sound and the flash options.

CNet Review:

A free screensaver is definitely cheaper than a round-trip ticket to an exotic locale. This Waterfall Screensaver displays a realistic picture of a waterfall surrounded by a veritable zoo of jungle friends. Birds chirp and fly around, the sky shines brilliantly blue, and the wildlife goes about its jungle business, loitering in the lake or generally hanging out. The sound resembles a perpetually gushing water fountain, and birds caw or squeak at random. Keep an eye on the lion, as he seems to be doing push-ups. While you can't change sounds, colors, or any other feature of this screensaver, it's not a deal breaker. Indulge the Tarzan within.

"4 stars: This program is generally SOMEWHAT excellent."

This is an average screensaver.

"Very very very basic and simple"

Not much..the colors are accurate.

designer spent about 5 minutes making this, and it shows

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