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  "WW2 Warbirds" introduction:

This versatile screensaver engine rotates 31 photos of the aircraft of World War II and an optional soundtrack of MIDI-based tunes. Features include your choice of up to 23 transition effects, Microsoft Plus support, the option to show images at full-screen or at their original size, and the ability to set the delay between slide changes. Also included is a tray-based utility that lets you activate any installed Windows screensaver, change the default monitor protector, access screensaver settings, and randomly launch a new monitor protector at regular intervals or when Windows restarts.

CNet Review:

As you may surmise from its name, this screensaver delivers a collection of images featuring fighter planes used in the Second World War. WW2 Warbirds shows these antique aircraft in modern settings; all the photos were obviously shot recently rather than during the actual conflict. In most cases, the quality of the pictures is just fine, though the primitive MIDI music wasn't our cup of tea. We also can't tell you which actual planes are featured in the screensaver, since the captions only display a number rather than a name. On the plus side, we do appreciate the program's feature set, which allows you to set the image delay, choose from a number of transition effects, and disable the soundtrack. Still, we must complain that the one-week trial period seems a bit stingy. History buffs and aeronautic enthusiasts are most likely to be this screensaver's core audience.


Summary: it had trouble opening up, to messy, and the pictures jsut were not worth it

"(((((Lets Gear Up For War !!!!)))))"

"its crappy and pointless"

"Not worth your time"

Summary: This program is incompetint. I think you should spend the time time for a bigger downlaod. This is not worth it.

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