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  "Virgin Islands Screensaver" introduction:

Enjoy beautiful pictures of the Virgin Islands with this great screensaver from VInow. A total of 21 great images of beaches and attractions on St. Thomas, St. Croix, St. John, and Water Island are presented.

Version 1.02 adds two more pictures to the full version.

CNet Review:

Even though it doesn't bloat your PC with needless adware, this potentially nice screensaver's trial restriction guarantees most users will quickly lose interest. As you're likely to guess, this screensaver lets you explore the natural wonders of the exotic Virgin Islands. From what we saw, the image selection and quality were both appealing, with nice shots of crystal-clear, light blue water framed by mountains and beaches. However, since the demo only lets you view a paltry ten photos for a 14 days, many folks may find it quickly becomes repetitive. On the plus side, Virgin Islands Screensaver packs a relatively decent feature set, letting you set the transition speed and style and determine the interval between images. Nondemanding users might not mind this application's limited offerings, but many others will crave a screensaver with more variety.

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