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  "Video Screensaver" introduction:

The Video Screensaver shows your favorite movie clips when your computer is not in use. You can enjoy different screensavers everyday by simply setting different movie clips to show. You can use Video Screensaver to enjoy: exciting movie clips, newest movie trailers, cool game videos, popular music videos, family digital videos, eye-pleasing scenics. Supports Microsoft video, Real Media, QuickTime and Flash video formats.

"Not Ready for Prime Time, at least for Vista"

Didn't blow up on install on Vista and uninstalled without a hitch

Trial version can't play VOB, says it doesn't like an AVI and only played the sound on a MOV file. That is all that I tried before I gave up. It is a separate engine not integrated into Windows screensaver and no timer. Files worked fine separately.

Summary: Since this didn't work in the simplist of modes, I cannot recommend.

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