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  "Vial Video Screensaver" introduction:

It is a small program to play video files (AVI, MPEG) as screensavers. Any video format playable by your Windows Media Player can be played as screensaver. All you have to do is select the video file using the configure dialog box.

"It works!"

Very light, easy install and configuration. But there is one problem see below.

The problem is that it won't work if your filename and/or pathname have spaces. Windows will only read filenames and/or pathnames within quotation marks, if they have spaces in them. There are 2 solutions.

1. Open the "VialSSData" file using notepad and add quotation marks around the .avi file you want to play, e.g. "C:\Documents and Settings\username\My Documents\my video.avi".

2. Put your .avi file in a folder with no spaces and make sure your .avi file has no spaces in it, e.g. c:\myvideo.avi.

"Could not make it work :-("

Searched for ages to find a FREE video screensaver program, finally found this. If I could make it work that would be great.

Once the file is selected in the dialog box, there is no control for exiting except to press "X". Then when you test the screensaver it says you haven't selected a movie yet!!!! Also only accepts one file so you have to edit your clips together first using another application. Maybe you can make it work, but I couldn't.

"Warning - possible Trojan"

Cannot say, did not proceed with download

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