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  "Undersea Life Screensaver" introduction:

This screensaver shows 36 images of exotic and brilliantly colored aquatic life. You can see fish, eels, lobsters, coral, crabs, starfish, and other amazing sea creatures. This screensaver also includes a free Screen Saver Control that resides in the Windows tray and allows easy access to screensaver settings. Version 1.2 adds three beautiful new images.

"Totally pants dudes!"

Summary: 15 dollars odd for this, you gotta be *****!n me. No way is that worth it, there are plenty of web sites that offer free screen savers that are way better than this pile of pants. My advice, download one... For FREE!


Summary: OK pictures but not worth $15.00

"I hate how you half to register!"

"Very Colorful"

"It is very nice looking but...."

Summary: There are a lot of programs that come with little screensaver add ons built in that will allow you to make similar screen savers. Just about every scanner software program has this feature built in. While I find this to be a beautiful screensaver, t...

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