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  "USA Patriotic" introduction:

This patriotic screensaver displays red, white, and blue animated fireworks bursting over six different all-American scenes, such as the American flag, the Statue of Liberty, and the bald eagle.

"Needs Work...."

Summary: ....The images look great but it takes it several minutes to completely load and when it shoots fireworks, they explode and vanish in a mili-second.



Downloaded, installed, nothing. All it did was change my screensaver to "none." Acted like it installed but apparently not. Saw no place to turn it on.


"Very Basic but easy to load"

Small program which loaded fine and was easy to install.

Very basic! Dots moving on flag that explode like fireworks, but don't last long and seem to have been created with MSPaint.

"Just did not like it."

Easy to install.

The resolution was poor. Could not adjust for it. Vic20?..

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