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  "Twin Towers Memorial Theme" introduction:

This theme was created as a memorial to the tragedy of Sept. 11, 2001. Features the Twin Towers wrapped in angel wings while angles hover in the distance. Includes ALL theme elements plus IE toolbar and Twin Towers screensaver.

"A Great Tribute To The Victims And Their Families!"

Anyone who makes the effort to remember those who died in a senseless act of terror, has a 5 star rating from me.

How could anyone give this effort a con?

For those of you who would consider doing so, you simply can't have human emotions!




"Angel tribute to 9-11 victims"

It's a great screensaver with the different angels as cursors and icons. An excellent tribute to 9-11 victims. May we never forget 9-11 and may the Lord and Lady bless the families of the victims.

There should be a way to delete the music or change it. It can get a bit annoying with its constant "Oooh, I believe..." going through the cycling of playing again and again when clicking on new websites or opening files.

"Fantastic Tribute..."

Summary: I loved this tribute to the fallen. The only drawback was the cusic playing constantly...


Summary: Awsome tribute to the victims of 9-11 tradegy. Those that minimize the 9-11 incident and speak negativly of our county, I pity you, you have no clue what patriotism is!!

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