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  "Turn3D Shuttle Explorer" introduction:

"Turn3D Shuttle Explorer screensaver transforms your screen into a virtual world of a shuttle flying over a vast and spectacular landscape. The screensaver utilizes advanced 3D mesh generation techniques, and graphics features such as mip-mapping and light maps, to display high detail height maps, ground and sky textures. A detailed 3D model of a shuttle is rendered in realtime over a procedurally generated landscape powered by Turn3D Worlds technology. The screensaver includes an easy to use, one-click installer."

"could have more"

"Really great"

Summary: I have many screensavers that I use and only the best are kept on my computer. This is definately one of them.
I like the installation view :)

"I love this screensaver"

Summary: I have downloaded this screensaver and it's great to watch, very smooth. Thank you Cnet.

"looked cool but cuts out"

Summary: after installing this saver, i tried the preview and it played for about 5 seconds and cut out. i know it isnt my computer becayuse it is a brand new 1.8 ghz celeron with 64 mb ddr graphics. maybe others had better luck than i did but i took it off ...

"Cool 3D world..."

Summary: This is really great.

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