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  "Tron Screensaver" introduction:

Send your desktop back in time with this screensaver homage to the classic film Tron. If you are a fan of the film, or of the games that were released afterward, you'll enjoy this screensaver gem.

CNet Review:

Fans of the cult movie Tron should check out the free Tron Screensaver. The installation is brief but awkward, starting from a ZIP file and setting up without a license agreement. The screensaver automatically opens the Display control panel, though not to the Screen Savers tab. After you select the screensaver manually, you can set the frame rate (6fps to 35fps) and turn the sound off. The logo and images from the movie float above a twinkling grid background, serenaded by the touching MIDI love theme. The innocent but quirky content make Tron Screensaver suited for the home or office, especially if you mute the music.

"A cool trip back in time!"

"Very Very Cool"

Summary: This site is the bomb!

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