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  "Time Volume" introduction:

Ever fallen asleep with a DVD playing on your computer, only to have it go back to the main title menu--playing an annoying little piece of music over and over, only to wake you up? This piece of software will clear up this problem--it allows you to change your computers wave output volume to a specific value, after a set period of time. Useful for making your computer be quiet at a certain time. TimeVolume can run in system tray, and is used to adjust system volume after a timed interval, but can also adjust the volume at any time. After performing an operation, it can be set to close, minimize, start the screensaver, or quit.

CNet Review:

Despite its relative simplicity, this volume-change program is fraught with performance problems. Time Volume was designed to change your system volume within a specific amount of time. Its basic, no-frills interface allows users to quickly select the desired system volume and the hours and minutes in which you want the program to execute. Click Go, and the application will immediately start the countdown (oddly displayed in only in seconds) to volume change. As a bonus, you can specify a task, such as minimizing or closing the application or launching a screensaver, to launch simultaneously with the volume change. However, in several tests we did not notice any volume differences until after we closed and reopened the program. Moreover, the drop-down boxes allow for no flexibility in value selection. Although users who constantly switch system volumes may find some usefulness for Time Volume, we can't recommend this freeware for the masses until its bugs are fixed.

"Its not automatic"

It can turn down the volume after XXX minutes

It can't turn the volume down XXX minutes after the last keystroke or to certain hours

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Note: The review & comment are referred from CNet


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