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  "Tiger Saver" introduction:

Tiger Screensaver contains amazing photos of this beautiful animal. Perhaps the best tiger screensaver on the net. All photos taken by the Owner of tigersaver.com. Photos of White tigers, Bengals, Indochinease, Siberian and sumatrans.

"Not quite what I expected... and I should know."

There where some nice pictures of tigers here, and that might just be the reason to download it.

Now, before you flame me, I'm TIGERdude, so I've seen my share of tiger pics. But these, these are rather bad quality pictures, sort of blurry. This does not mean that its still not good, just don't expect good quality pics.

"Some gorgeous pics of white tigers included."

I love the pics of white tigers.

"I love the tiger pictures like you are standing right in front of them."

I love the pictures. They are clear and so close you can touch the tigers. Approximately 30-35 different pictures.

Not a thing I am very satisified.

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