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  "The Tao Desktop Theme" introduction:

""Inspirational desktop theme includes quotes from the 'Tao Te Ching' (the world's most translated book, after the Bible). Also includes a screensaver featuring images of China and Taoist temples plus start up and shut down screens.""



"Aboslute piece of garbage !!!"


Clearly this app. has changed since the last review. Once installed it takes over your desktop, wallpaper, and themes. Changes your icons, cursor, settings, and installs extremely annoying sounds. Doesn't allow you to reconfig. settings. You have to uninstall via the program>!plus>themes file. Then run Ccleaner to mop up the mess this piece of garbage leaves behind.

"Not Very Tao Confusing"

"I'm elated with having this product available for my viewing."

colorful, insightful, and inspirational

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