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  "The Solar System Screensaver" introduction:

A great screensaver of the solarsystem. When you're not using your computer, watch the planets(and their moons), go around the sun again and again against a backdrop of randomly placed stars.

CNet Review:

Thousands of years ago, the most advanced scientists of the day believed our solar system was made up of elegantly nested celestial spheres. Now we have the ability to put a scale model of the real thing on our computer's desktop, with a simple screensaver that depicts a more accurate view of the planets' hurried motions. This download can be cozily hypnotic as it runs, but offers few options. No customization features are provided, and we felt the lack of a soundtrack particularly keenly given the potential for celestial harmonies. However, the download may well prove interesting to astronomy enthusiasts.

"Versatile; lots of variations possible; excellent"

This screensaver is has lots of versatility. The user can determine colors, shapes, numbers of figures, and vary the backgrounds. Lots of nifty possibilities. Interesting to watch the figures and backgrounds interact with each other. Fun.

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