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  "The Elastic Balls Screen Saver" introduction:

Elastic balls move around your screen, bouncing off each other. You can control their number and speed or let your computer make these decisions for you. You can watch this screensaver for many hours, days, eor ven years straight without seeing the same thing twice.

CNet Review:

We find it hard to get excited about a screensaver with a one-minute trial period, particularly one this conceptually simple. As promised, the application displays a number of bouncy, colorful balls of differing sizes on your screen. As you might expect from such a simple program, Elastic Balls doesn't offer breathtakingly modern graphics, although the balls themselves look good enough. Still, a soundtrack would help spice things up. This screensaver isn't highly customizable, but you can determine how many balls appear onscreen and how quickly they move. However, as we previously mentioned, the action stops after 60 seconds, which is hardly enough time to evaluate the program. Also, a demo this short won't protect against display burn-in, which is one of the functional purposes of a screensaver. We've seen worse ways to decorate your desktop than Elastic Balls, but we've also seen better.

"One of the best screensavers out there."

This is the most beautiful screensaver I've found thus far, and trust me I've seen a lot of screensavers. This is a must have!

"This is a great screensaver. Beats all the others!!!"

A perfect screensaver, it is simple and does not hurt my eyes, with a over complicated graphics, to watch it.

I wish I could set my own balls' color.

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Note: The review & comment are referred from CNet


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