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  "The Best of Alaska" introduction:

These wildlife screensavers have 300 engaging photos and tranquil MP3 music. Enjoy Alaska's most popular critters, including bear, wolf, moose, eagle, otter, puffin, owl, caribou, loon, lynx, and fox, plus extraordinary landscapes. The program has more than 100 transitions and adjustable settings. Each image has been selected for its personality; you can almost hear the critters breathe.

CNet Review:

This screensaver revels in the natural beauty of the northernmost U.S. state--Alaska. The images of animals and landscapes in The Best of Alaska are more than brilliant. The quality of the photos is highly professional, and the subjects are well chosen. You won't even want to move the mouse or press any keys when the screensaver is working because the stunning photography will draw you in. You can only configure how quickly the photos change, whether the sound is on or off, and the screen resolution. Still, after you look at the screensaver, you won't need to configure anything else. The piano melody in the background perfectly fits the visuals and doesn't affect the performance. Nature buffs may consider the full version of The Best of Alaska to be worth every cent.

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