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  "ThePhoneBot" introduction:

ThePhoneBOT turns your Windows PC and voice modem into a powerful, multi-line telephone answering machine complete with a Free Remote Client and RSS newsfeed capability. With other advanced features like: voicemail retrieval over the Internet, E-mail, IM or Cell phone notification when new calls arrive, audible CallerID using Windows speech, complete phonebook with custom rings, greetings and caller images, reverse lookups, screensavers, skinable user interface, even a Trillian plug-in. The Free Remote Client add-on will popup an incoming call dialogs and even stream the callers message all in real time! It s perfect for a large home with multiple PCs to screen calls instead of everyone running to the answering machine. The Remote Client will work over the Internet as well so you can screen calls at your home or office.

Version 4.5 features Remote Client Addon, RSS newfeeds, Smartphone integration

"almost a great product"

It announces incoming calls and takes a message if your unavailable. It has lots a nice features like custom responses for individual callers, email notification of messages and the ability to check messages over the net. Its faily easy to set and, and if desired, customize the interface.

One MAJOR issue is that it doesnt announce that you have messages waiting. This is a serios flaw. Also the address book is a bit weak.

"A fantastic answering machine app"

I have never felt inspired to write a review until now. Thephonebot is without a doubt the best telephone answering machine software out there for your PC. The remote client is nothing short of amazing so is being able to listen to my voicemail from a web browser. I have been a user since version 2 and it just keeps getting better! the latest version added RSS feed support which i quite like as well. kudos to the authors

once i needed fax support which it doesnt have... once.

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Note: The review & comment are referred from CNet


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