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  "Tennessee's Crockett Falls" introduction:

In this screensaver, you'll see Crockett Falls in Tennessee's David Crockett State Park, which is located near Lawrenceburg, TN. With Flash animation, the small waterfall and stream come to life. We were unable to continuously loop the sound in this screensaver in an efficient way other than to embed the sound in the animation itself, which does not allow a user to mute the sound. Therefore, if you do not want sound in the screensaver, you will have to download the alternate version with no sound on our site. This screensaver does not have any configuration options.

Version 2 supports Windows Vista.

"Not very good"

"A beautiful flop."

The scenery is just what I'm looking for.

The presentation and limitations are too flawed.

Summary: I want a quiet screensaver with a beautiful natural, real-life outdoor theme to it. This would be PERFECT if it were FIXED!!

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