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  "T-Minus Countdown Clock" introduction:

This software sits on your desktop so you can monitor the time until your special event. Attach a countdown your e-mails. Count down the time to any occasion--even name your own event. Use standard designs or insert your own photo, music, text, and colors. Display different sizes on your desktop, or use as a screensaver. Attach a countdown to the bottom of your outgoing e-mails. Show or hide years, months, days, hours, and minutes. Optional sound effects during count down or at finish. Display multiple countdowns simultaneously. You can even count-up from a date--such as time since a baby's birth.

"Outrageously bad"


The description is misleading. What they sell on their website are individual countdowns for specific occasions; you pay for each occasion. As other reviewers pointed out, the trial is for elections of 2004--HUH? Worst--it does not appear in the list of programs for add or delete in control panel and I can't figure out how to get rid of the damn thing. Don't even try this one!

"Incorrect Download file"

What do I like? Well, It downloaded quickly...

It's not the countdown clock, it's a 'countdown' to the Bush vs Kerry vote... in 2004 - which makes it a countUP clock from a date that we'd all rather forget anyway...

Hey Download.com, Sort it!

"Kerry and Bush countdown? Wrong program AND..."

good idea for a product, but it's not worth it to me to pay for the correct download. I do have a paper calendar.

...the countdown isn't even correct. As of January 29, 2007 at 4:02 EST 2 months 27 days 16 hours and 55 seconds till the elections. Unless we will be able to undo the big mistake of adding President to George's name this time, this is a worthless download.



Doesn't do what is advertised.

Summary: This is a joke. I noticed something was up when the download had DEMO in the title. This is nothing more than a way for T-Minus to get you to go to their website to purchase a clock.

"Two really big thumbs up"

Summary: The countdown images and layouts are really fanastic. This software is really easy to use. I am counting down to the United Way campaign and T-Minus is help me to remind everyone it is time to give.

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