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  "TImekeys" introduction:

Define your own key combinations(hotkey, trigger, shortcut) for executing tasks(launcher-, system-, hiding-, WinAmp-, ... tasks). Open anything(application, office doc: Word, Excel ...) , browse to folders with Windows Explorer, visit web pages, do ftp and send email with a single press on the "hot key".

You can do system tasks like: do a shutdown or logoff or restart, adjust the audio volume or mute sound, minimize or maximize or resize or move windows, open/close cd-rom, control the screensaver, simulate mouse behavior, show or copy your IP address, hide desktop icons or taskbar, with just one press on the hotkeys you defined. Even hide programs(boss key, quick hide) and bring them back. You can control WinAmp(2.x, 3.x) without it being focused. There are defaults for windows dialogs: find files, find computer, task manager, run, ... For hotkeys you can use the windows key (winkey), and have them all printed out. TimeKeys resides in the system tray. Try this shell extension with an easy interface to save time and increase efficiency.

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