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Though it takes some getting used to, this application runs an application or minimizes all applications instead of displaying the Windows screensaver upon a user's inactivity. System ScreenSaver comes with a small, basic interface with a help file that offers little guidance. However, once you figure things out, it takes a few, easy steps to replace the screensaver with a command or minimize applications. Just set the time duration of your computer's idle status, choose whether to minimize all applications upon execution, browse for the executable you'd like to run, check the Active box, and click OK. While the default Windows screensaver only uses minutes for wait time, this tool allows you to conveniently set wait time from a minute to a maximum of 12 hours. (Don't input a specific time as the interface example suggests.) Users of all levels will appreciate the flexibility in determining your machine's actions after a few minutes or hours of inactivity.

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