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  "SwfSaver Pro" introduction:

SwfSaver Pro works in conjunction with Internet Explorer allowing you to use any flash file available on the internet to be used as your own personal screensaver. SwfSaver Pro is seamlessly integrated with the display properties of Windows for extreme ease of use. Features includes integration with Internet Explorer, interactive screensavers, favorites and playlist creations, and more. Version 2.0 may include unspecified updates, enhancements, or bug fixes.

"Screen Savers are entertaining again!"

The swfSaver Pro is so easy to use and it works flawlessly! I can develop my own flash files and play them as my screensaver or I can grab stuff like the Happy Tree Friends out of IE and line them up to play in the playlist so when I'm staring at my monitor for more then 5 minutes (which I do a lot of because I hate my job) ...well lets just say that my screensaver is entertaining again!!

The basic mode is just that... BASIC. As a developer of Flash apps I would like the simplicity of Basic mode with a few of the perks that you get from the Advanced mode.

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