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  "Sunsets Screensaver" introduction:

Sunsets Screensaver adds interest to your desktop. A hundred images of the world's most beautiful destinations are included with this collection of sunset photographs. Dozens of exotic destinations are packed into one product.

CNet Review:

This screensaver provides you with a daily reminder of just how breathtaking a sunset can be. Sunsets Screensaver brings you a variety of excellent-quality images from around the globe. Photos run the gamut from a blood-red sun in the Vietnamese sky to the sun going down off the coast of Maui. We really appreciated that this program offers you 100 scenes, which means you're unlikely to get bored viewing the same photos over and over again. However, since this screensaver fails to include a soundtrack, we would have appreciated the ability to add our own. We also were a bit crestfallen to find we couldn't apply transition effects. Still, user-customization options are not totally absent, as you can set the interval between images, configure the appearance of borders, tweak the opacity, and change the background color. It's nice that Sunsets Screensaver's control panel tells you where each shot was taken, but we would have liked to see that information displayed onscreen. Despite our small complaints, we think this visually impressive screensaver will appeal to a wide range of users.

"as expeted"

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