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  "Sunflower Screensaver" introduction:

The Sunflower Screensaver is a no-frills, extremely simple, visually appealing screensaver. It lets you watch two sunflowers bounce off each other and float around a baby-blue background.

CNet Review:

You might expect sunflowers prettily floating by, but the Sunflower Screensaver sets these flowers on a course for collision instead. Installation is a snap, possibly because no settings or options exist to bog things down. The scene is engaging, however, even philosophical, some might say. Two sunflowers fly across the screen and collide, propelling each other in different directions. The flowers enter from one of three starting points, and even when their speed or trajectory makes you think they won't crash, they inevitably do. The graphics are basic and the blue background never changes color. Despite being rather simple and inflexible, however, Sunflower Screensaver manages to capture your attention with what just might be a floral metaphor for human relations.


Summary: The item is hearming your eyes.
I take it showing big beautiful Sun Flower...it may be ardinary but pure... befor use one.

....I'm dissapeard. Small Smal
Sunflower rush around monitor
like a bee.

If you wa...

"not worth trying"

Summary: the images are poor the and the animation is boring its just a poor screen saver.

"Looks like Pong only"

Summary: instead of a ball you have two small flowers drifting around on the screen.
Nothing special, but I would rather it had been 'owls' instead of sunflowers ;)

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Note: The review & comment are referred from CNet


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