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  "Summer Time Girls Screensaver" introduction:

No matter what the temperature outside, celebrate summer year round with this free sizzling hot screensaver. Seductively posed in lingerie, bikinis (or less), these ladies will raise your thermostat by at least 10 degrees. 100+ screen transition effects; display images in sequential or random order; set image display time; resize images to desired size; multi-monitor support.

CNet Review:

Following in the long pin-up girl tradition, this screensaver offers 25 images of women posed in bikini, lingerie, and similarly provocative outfits. The pictures' appeal is undermined somewhat by poor image quality and JPEG overcompression, however. The download does offer a broad feature set, allowing users to control transition effects, image size, background, and the interval between images, as well as enable some special effects such as sepia tone. Any image can be used as a computer's desktop wallpaper, but the download does not come with a soundtrack. The software requires users to set up two separate, unrelated Internet Explorer toolbars, so take care if you don't want these extra components loaded on your computer. With this caveat, Summer Time Girls Screensaver may well be attractive to anyone looking for some quick desktop eye candy.

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