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  "Spring Wildflowers Screensaver" introduction:

Brighten your desktop with colorful, spring wildflowers. This cartoon screensaver includes four types of wildflowers blooming on your desktop while Farmer Joe mows them over every minute or so. Version 1.4 includes unspecified updates.

CNet Review:

Its rough appearance aside, this screensaver makes a fun addition to your PC if you're careful to opt out of the adware. Before installing, Spring Wildflowers Screensaver tries to add several adware toolbars to your machine, so be sure to uncheck the boxes to avoid them. Rather than real-life pictures of flowers, this program presents a cartoon-style rendering of various wildflowers quickly blooming on your PC. Once too many flowers fill the screen, a farmer on a tractor will drive across your screen and cut them all down. You can choose how many flowers from each species appear in the field, but you don't get a soundtrack, transition effects, or any other customization options. Though it certainly won't astonish with top-notch graphics or out-of-this-world performance, this screensaver is a decent pick for users savvy enough to dodge the intrusive third-party applications.

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