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  "Spirit of the Wolf Screensaver" introduction:

Nothing captures the essence of the wolf, both feared and revered, quite like the Sioux name shunk manitu tanka, or animal that looks like a dog but is a powerful spirit. These 22 professional photographs of wolves in their natural environment will inspire your spirit.

These original images are all high resolution (1,024x768) with low JPEG compression for enjoyable viewing at resolutions as high as 1,600x1,200. A screensaver-tray control and wallpaper-tray control are included, but may be uninstalled separately from the screensaver.

CNet Review:

This highly configurable screensaver brings majestic photos of wolves to your desktop. Spirit of the Wolf Screensaver offers various images of these powerful and beautiful creatures hunting, eating, howling, and carousing. The pictures themselves are of high quality, though the trial version's watermark somewhat ruins the view. This screensaver makes up for its lack of music and sound effects with an impressive number of additional features. For example, you can set the delay between images, resize pictures, alter the order, change the background color, configure mouse sensitivity, and choose from a number of transition effects. Despite the watermark and relatively short trial period, we still recommend Spirit of the Wolf Screensaver to all nature lovers.

"Not Bad, You should have it"

It's ok but now a perfect ScreenSaver.

6.17 MB and 10-day trial!Come on it is a ScreenSaver guys!


i love wolves! this screensaver captured them beautifully!!!!!!!!

free to "try".

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