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  "Space Lights Screensaver" introduction:

In this exciting and strangely hypnotic screensaver, six streams of color whirl around your computer screen, constantly creating brilliant and dynamic patterns. Three large streaks encircle three smaller ones, complimenting each other in their beatiful formations and leaving bright trails on the black backdrop.

CNet Review:

This simple screensaver won t cost you a dime, but that s about the best thing it has going for it. The program s name might lead you to believe you re in for a wild ride through a distant galaxy, but in reality, the application simply displays strings of colored lights on your monitor. Space Lights Screensaver s graphics are less than impressive, but since the lights move quickly and in many formations, this app will do a good job of preventing monitor burn-in. It s a shame you can t configure the color, behavior, or size of the lights. In fact, the only available customization option is a check box for disabling the music. Sadly, even when we left this box marked, we didn t hear a peep from the program. If you only want a very basic screensaver for no dough, this one will do, but only the youngest of children will actually find it impressive.

"dont know poop"

its not that bad !!!!!!!

but eat johns poop anyways!!!!!!!!

"Not spectacular but worth adding to your collection"

It has a nice pace and brightness, with a sort of "what a screensaver should be" feel.

The color movements don't travel across the entire screen but rather are restricted to the bottom right 2/3rds.

"not bad"

Summary: it could look better but in my book its a keeper.its simple yet colorful .my kind of screen saver.


Summary: This is very bad. Slow as hell. Eat my poop.

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