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  "SpaceWeather ScreenSaver" introduction:

The SpaceWeather ScreenSaver allows you to watch magnificent, near real-time images of our Sun.

View images and information from up to 1,500,000 kilometers away from the SOHO, GOES, and other satellites. Displaying 15 different images of the Sun showing Coronal Mass Ejections (huge bubbles of gas threaded with magnetic field lines that are ejected from the Sun), sunspots, and you may even catch a glimpse of a sun-grazing comet as it disappears forever. You will also see 8 charts and graphics showing solar x-ray flux levels, combined satellite environment, auroral activity, solar wind data and more.

Base on intervals set by you, SpaceWeather will look to the Internet and retrieve the latest images and data from NASA and NOAA servers.

SpaceWeather requires an Internet connection to update images and data and is recommended for broadband users.

The Windows .Net framework version 1.1 is required. The .Net framework is included with Windows XP and can be downloaded for other versions of Windows from Microsoft?s website at http://www.microsoft.com

So take a break and enjoy the show. Live from the Sun, it?s SpaceWeather!

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