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  "Solstice Clock & Calender Screensaver" introduction:

This screensaver provides you with a color clock, a color calendar and the location of the day in the year with reference to the solstices and equinoxes and more. Using color theory to tell time, now you can establish a natural balance in life.

"How to Install the Clock"


"A revolutionary way to view time!"

!! This is excellent, I can quickly see if it is before or afternoon just by looking at my computer, green in the morning and orange in the afternoon. When the clock is red I know that I have been working to long and should go home. NOT SURE HOW I LIVED WITH OUT THIS CLOCK.

"Very Good Product"

The clock should be some more big in size so that, time can be read more conveniently

"A unique, colorful view of time"

Very cool and colorful way to view the calendar and the time.

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