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  "Soaring Eagles" introduction:

This screensaver features magnificent and totally astonishingly realistic 3D big winged eagles which fly across 4 very powerful and beautiful backgrounds. There is definitely no other screensaver like this anywhere on the Internet, no matter how far one searches. One of the scenes (scene 1) features very large black, gray, brown, and white eagles and ospreys which are extremely large and some land on high rocky mountains, over a moving river.

Some of the eagles which swoop down almost alarmingly cover half of the screen as the pass by and when some of the eagles land they look very realistic as they would in the real world. These majestic eagles also make various loud and piercing sounds as they fly by. This particular scene, which lasts approximately 4 minutes, has big white moving clouds in the sky which meet and get thick as they pass from time to time.

"Good screensaver"

This Eagle screensaver is another good one from this company. I think like the Wild Forest screensaver, this Eagles screensaver is the second best. I love it and would tell people to try it too. The full version is just magnificent!!

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