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  "Smart Screensaver Stopper" introduction:

Stop screensaver launching, explicitly or by percent CPU currently in use--instant or average. Helpful if some automated tasks take a lot of CPU. If these tasks, in conjunction with a CPU hungry screensaver, run at the same time, the CPU gets maxed. This app will allow the system to "intelligently" determine whether the screensaver should present, allowing the former task to run without having its cycles chewed up by a screeensaver.

Version changes the way the application stops the screensaver.

CNet Review:

Though this program is intended to prevent screensaver activation, it's marred by functionality issues. Smart Screensaver Stopper's mundane interface is straightforward but offers meager options for enabling and disabling the program and specifying a CPU usage limit. In theory, this could be a time-saver over going to Display Properties, but Smart Screensaver Stopper wasn't able to deliver, and in multiple tests it couldn't override the screensaver. Smart Screensaver Stopper's one positive point is that it's free, but with its faulty performance it still isn't worth the download.

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