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  "Slide Screen" introduction:

Slide Screen is a collection of some image management utilities. Functions include creating screen savers, thumbnail galleries and full size image galleries, and an image viewer.

"programmer quit half way ??????"

"Uninstallation is shady..."

Summary: Upon uninstalling this application, what appeared to be a batch file, was ran.

It did not remove the SCR file from my Windows System Folder, and also did not remove it's shortcuts from my desktop and start menu... who knows what else ma...

"Easy to use, runs flawlessly."

Summary: My only complaint is the browser's a little clunky but that's about it.

"Slide show, screensaver, wallpaper many features"

"So much features in a so small utility"

Summary: If you have many images in your computer then it's a must.It has lots of features

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