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  "Skeleton Screensaver" introduction:

This screensaver has animated graphics of 3D skeletons. Get yourself in the Halloween spirit by watching three skeletons walk, spin, and bounce up and down on a transparent background so your screen shows through.


It's free

But what good is free if you can't even start to see it.

It crashes just trying to select it.

"downloaded and ran once...after that it just sends error messages."

Summary: I liked what I saw the one time I actually saw it work. I have windows XP and I don't know if anyone else has experienced this problem or not but I keep getting error messages that it needs to shut down. I am very dissatisfied with this. Sad part...

"doesn't work with XP"

Summary: would be a good screensaver, but has low resolution and gets stuck on the screen for me

"can't get the thing off my screen!!!!"

"Wouln not use with XP"

Summary: Like a previous user I was unable to get off of the screen. Also was just a so-so display without any sound.

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